All inspections are Auditory and Visual based, including a minimum 5km test drive unless otherwise specified. However, NO mechanical components are removed for inspection or measurement, including road wheels. As such, brake drum/rotor measurements are not taken and are a purely visual inspection. Owing to technical requirements, Spot On Vehicle Inspections do not carry out chassis dimensional/correctness testing on-site. VIN tags are checked for correctness/tampering, however are not guaranteed. Engine numbers will be checked physically if viewable. If not they will be copied from relevant owners paperwork. Speedometer and Odometer are checked for functionality only, not for accuracy.

Spot On Vehicle Inspections do not provide vehicle valuations. Authenticity/Verification of vehicle particulars is the responsibility of the purchaser. Every inspection carried out by Spot On Vehicle Inspections includes a full on-board scan of the ECU, Triggers and Senders (where fitted) meaning that we check everything listed within our written report. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation and writing of this report, intermittent mechanical and/or electrical faults can occur, including oil leaks that may have been cleaned/de-greased prior to the inspection.

Spot On Vehicle Inspections cannot accept responsibility for any masked faults, either mechanical or electrical, that are not evident at the time of inspection. Timing Belts are not physically checked during inspections, please refer to the manufacturers documentation for recommended belt replacement intervals.

Vehicles can only be tested within the locally posted speed limits. 4WD vehicles are not tested off-road. Items not checked as listed: Dusk sensing headlights, rain sensing wipers, GPS or in car entertainment systems, fuel and oil consumption. However, should the need arise for further workshop investigation, the client will be notified both verbally and within the report.