Spot On Vehicle Inspections provides highly detailed pre purchase inspections of cars, trucks and other vehicles in Perth. Our customers value our service both for its thoroughness, and for the friendly manner in which our inspectors operate.

As you’ll see, the scope of service that we offer is comprehensive, to say the least:

  • Visual Inspection: Our technicians are all experts in evaluating and assessing a vehicle’s condition. To that end, our process begins with a detail-oriented visual inspection, giving the inspector a chance to get to know the vehicle while putting their keen eye and sense of observation to work. During this stage of the inspection, we determine a great deal about the state and condition of the car.
  • Computer Systems: Next, the vehicle is hooked up to state-of-the-art scanning equipment. This allows the technician to use industry-leading scan tools to verify any problems they identified during the visual scan. All on-board systems are checked for fault codes (also known as stored codes), which are essentially red flags stored by the vehicle to alert professionals of problems that may have occurred whilst out on the road. All fault codes are recorded and – where relevant – accompanied by photographic data.  
  • Test Drive: Next up is a minimum 5km test drive, during which time the technician can see how various faults or potential problems that were previously detected may be affecting performance. This drive also leads into the next phase of the inspection, during which the engine, drive train and suspension are assessed.   
  • Under the Bonnet: This is the final stage of the inspection, and it serves to confirm any suspected problems detected during previous phases whilst also allowing the technician to discover new potential problems.

Finally, customers receive a detailed report along with a verbal analysis, ensuring they have a solid understanding of the vehicle’s current condition.